Our furry friends

We´d like to introduce our furry friends

Alpaca Mascotas Asteri

b. 6.8.2022

Asteri is curious and loves carrots, which she gently eats even from the hands of small children. Sometimes, however, she tests with her lips could the thumb be a carrot, too.

Linnunradan tilan Dahlia

b. 17.8.2019

Daalia is beautiful, alert and confident pack leader.

She is Asteri's mom.

Linnunradan tilan Arctic Dandelion

b. 16.6.2020

Deli observes people appraisingly and without hiding.

She doesn't care much for treats and keeps distance, but she may eat pellets from a cup held in hands.

Lumotarhan Seela

b. 16.5.2020

Brave and independent Seela is a bit cheeky when eating carrots and food pellets.

She have a special way to take food with her underjaw front teeth and she knows how to give alpaca kisses!

Onnentähden Devon


Devon is funny and greedy gelding, who test all he reaches, from the fabric to cups, with his mouth. Devon is the one who might grab a glove or taste a finger thinking it's a carrot. But he is not naughty, only very curious.

Onnentähden Derek

b. 24.07.2022

Derek is balanced and calm, usually letting the other boys go first and then follow.

Derek and Devon are best friends, they were born on consecutive days.

Onnentähden Karlos


Karlos charms peoples with his handsome dark appearance. He is a big brother to the younger boys who move behind him when they see something troubling.